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Jeff Ruddick

Fun With Augmented Reality

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An augmented reality app designed for financial education

Have you ever dreamed about stacking up a million dollars on your kitchen counter?

Compound interest is one of the most powerful forces in modern society. By visualizing the growth of an investment year by year, this project is designed to add realism to the abstract concept of compounding. This app combines power of compound interest with augmented reality to demonstrate just how effective saving and investing can be.

To get started, enter in any investment scenario you want to test out. This includes the usual financial calculator variables such as principal, annual contribution, years invested, and interest rate. Click the visualize button and tap a flat surface. Then, watch your investment grow year by year.


Exponential AR ScreenShot

Exponential AR ScreenShot

Exponential AR ScreenShot

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This project was developed in Unity and used AR Foundation, and the XR Intereation Toolkit.

Please note that large scale visualizaitons (typically over $100 million) may cause the project to run slow or freeze. A warning will appear on screen.

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